A bit about me…

john-01Hello.  My name is John Hill.  I have been creating small business websites since 1999, which is quite a long time, in the web world!

My company, HIL-TEC, consists of one employee – me!  I work out of my home, always have. My company used to offer technical services including servers, workstations, etc, and I had a lot of clients for whom I provided this type of technical support in addition to small business websites.  I am getting just a bit long in the tooth now, so I have cut back to my favorite activity – working with the web, specifically converting older, static websites into dynamic, responsive wordpress sites.

WordPress is a web-based blogging and website content management system (or CMS).  It is very powerful and provides you, the client, with the ability to easily edit pages once they are created – by me!

So why not give me a call to discuss the options?  My number is 336.508.4113.  Or you can send me a quick EMAIL. I am available on East Coast time.

Thanks for reading!