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  • Your website outdated
  • You would like to make changes to your website yourself instead of paying someone
  • Your website looks bad/is not easy to use on iphones, android phones, ipads and tablets
  • You would like to work with an experienced webmaster
  • You would like to keep your web expenditures in the United States
  • You would like to work with someone who lives in or near your time zone, whose native language is English, and is good to work with
  • You would like to work with someone who is a phone call away and is responsive to your needs


Thank you for your interest in HIL-TEC!

“Hil-Tec  has been a trusted business partner providing professional services to both TRS and SESCO for several years as website designer, facilitator, consultant, and host.  John promptly responds to all requests in a timely manner, prices his services fairly, and makes himself personally available when needed.  John is on top of technical advances in his […]

A Trusted Business Partner

“We have used Hil-Tec for our website development, hosting, and search engine optimization for years. They actually designed our first website, they handled our website “makeover” in 2010 and again this year 2015. We have always been very pleased with their service and feel they deliver excellent value in their field.”

Used HIL-TEC For Several Years

“When we needed to make a significant upgrade to our website, the team at HIL-TEC did a fantastic job working with our company team to design and implement a  first-class site.  HIL-TEC was timely and worked collaboratively with our team and was diligent in assuring that the site would work well on any platform: PC, tablet, […]

Did a Fantastic Job

“I have been blessed to start many successful businesses such as the K-LOVE Fan Awards, Camp Electric and more….. John Hill has been the starting point for each of these. Great guy to work with and he does excellent work.”

The Starting Point

How came we to this place?

Hello. My name is John Hill. I own HIL-TEC. My wife Gail and I enjoy a segway tour of San Diego!

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About John

Why should I consider re-doing my website?

As a person responsible for running a business, I know you realize that putting your best public foot forward is always a good idea. Consider also that, worldwide, mobile browser usage now exceeds PC web usage. In the U.S. the PC still gets over 50%, but the gap is closing quickly. Getting a responsive website is critical in today's Internet business presence.

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